Innovation Opportunities. Part 2

Three additional sources of opportunity exist outside a company: demographic changes, changes in perception and new knowledge. Drucker uses an excellent example to explain changes in perception. He notes that whereas Americans’ health has improved in the last 20 years (newborn mortality rates, survival rates for the old, incidence of cancers, etc.), there has never […]

Innovation Opportunities. Part 1

Innovation, according to Peter Drucker, is “the effort to create purposeful, focused change in an enterprise’s economic or social potential.” It is the means, he says, “by which the entrepreneur either creates new wealth-producing resources or endows existing resources with enhanced potential for creating wealth.”

The Calm and Focused Mind

From a very relaxed body state, you can begin to set goals for your sports performance or your life. Goals need to be stated in a positive way for what you want, not what you do not want. Goals are a process initiated and maintained by you. A better goal is to “do your best,” […]

The Schemes of Creativity Enhancement

There is no such thing as a trick or gimmick that will suddenly make you a brilliant writer or artist. “There is no golden road to geometry,” to quote a mis-quote attributed to Aristotle. There are many con artists selling the equivalent of get-rich-quick scheme, which may be called a “get-creative-quick” scheme.

Weight Loss Surgery. Part 2

Finally, it was time she started becoming accustomed to being in the real world again, dealing with other people’s eating habits, etc. etc. I began to eat in front of her again. Mind you, my eating habits aren’t that bad – but there were LOTS of foods (even bread) she could no longer eat. She […]

Weight Loss Surgery. Part 1

I couldn’t sleep, and I found this website. I came across this topic of discussion, and found no one has “chatted” about this issue. This could have something to do with the fact that this surgery is just now becoming more and more popular.

The Double Edged Sword When a Child is Cut from a Team

One of the toughest situations athletes have to endure is being “cut.” At such times, sports act as a double-edged sword, cutting deep and cutting two ways. Athletes can either be cut from the team by the coach or cut open by a surgeon. They find themselves fearful, anxious or depressed. Some may wonder if […]

One Pot Balanced Meal!

This is one recipe I have counted on over the years, in order to get my kids to eat all their veggies and get a “completely balanced” meal!

Jim’s Journal: Week 4. Part 3

Hi Jim, Congratulations on your continued success! Without counting fat grams, you have instinctively decreased your fat intake and calories. You are putting good emphasis on protein intake, but remember if you cut too many calories, the protein you eat will be used for energy and not muscle building.

Jim’s Journal: Week 4. Part 2

Congrats on losing the weight — you should treat yourself to a new outfit in a smaller size! You’re doing great with your exeosing the weightrcise, especially your cardio workouts. I like the variety of activities, which help both you stay interested plus enhances your overall fitness by challenging your body in different ways.